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Whether it's a desktop or laptop computer, dust and lint can clog the cooling vents. This can cause your computer's brain (CPU - Central Processing Unit) to heat up, and heat in is the biggest cause of hardware failure in computers. Failure that could have been prevented by keeping your computer's maintenance up-to-date. Avoid spending unnecessary funds on a new computer when, your current one, may just need a little attention.

To avoid any hardware malfunctions with your system, regular professional maintenance is recommended, here at TOTAL IT SOLUTIONS we provide this service complimentary to our customers, because we know that no matter how many times, we clean and dust our system, it keeps on coming back.

Many of our customers are able clean their system, without help from any professional service, and the reason is, because is easy, there are many sites out there that will walk you through step by step, on how to accomplish a clean and dust-free computer. I have set up a link underneath to very easy to follow instructions on how to properly clean the insides of your computer, provided by Microsoft at Home