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The era of global communication has greatly provided assistance in doing heaps of work making it faster to accomplish. Having a computer that does rapid performance is ideal in doing task, hence; it should be seen to it that computer’s must be checked regular to verify any errors in it. Once a computer is somewhat showing impish act or sluggishness, instantly carry out test to check what is causing this phenomenon.

Check program folders on the PC to have a PC speed test. If there is any software that is no longer used or seldom used, remove it from the computer and just reinstall if time comes that it is needed. Temporary files, movies and anything else that piles up in the computer must be removed. This will only accommodate space in the memory which will be of other much important use. To delete, use the disk cleanup situated in Accessories in the System Tools folder.

Defragment varied drives in the PC to perform PC speed test. Fragmented files clutter in the drives thus making the computer to take longer time whenever a single file is needed to be opened. By defragmentation, these files will be collected together and will be sequenced for easier retrieval or opening the next time it needs to be viewed.

Proper handling of the computer is also a must if the user wants the computer to do good performance. With our PC performance test, the computer’s ability to do task will always be check and wasting of time will be avoided.